Product Photography

Manchester Based Product photographer for websites, ecommerce, forms of marketing, brochures, and social media.

Product Photography

Studio Shot - Crisp clean images

Images of products shot in a studio, typically against a white or black background. Every image is photographed with a background using special lighting techniques and lenses to get the best possible high resolution solution. Then the photographs go through a post production process where they are adjusted, retouched, exposure and colour enhanced, sharpened and improved to produce the best product photography image possible at its best angle, 

Photographs can also include props or ancillary items.  We also offer a "something different" service allowing a more creative style.  We want you to to 100% satisfied with your images and proud to use them for your ecommerce or forms of marketing. 

We can also offer site visits - please contact us for further details.


Phone: 07942 692373


Why choose Photography4U?

Consumers buying thorough e-commerce are heavily reliant on the displayed online images advertising products, hence the necessity therefore to showcase any products in the best possible way. Being either a small start-up e-commerce company or an established company within international markets, Photography4U offers a professional solution; either a standard format or one which has been tailored to your specific requirements.  Photography4U provides a variety of e-commerce solutions from simple product hero shots to more advanced photography solutions.

What we Offer

Full online service

Our entire process is designed with simplicity and ease in mind. A complete online solution.

Background Choice

We provide a variety of backgrounds, white, black or even a specific colour.


We can provide your images as a transparent one (no background). We provide this in a PNG format.

Product Preparation

Attention is taken to clean and prepare all products, ensuring the best photos possible are taken. 

Surface choice

We provide a variety of surfaces, white, black, reflective or even a specific colour.

A little Different

We can provide images showing your products whilst using additional  effects.

High Quality

Within our studio we only use high-resolution cameras providing dazzling resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels per picture. 

Touch up

All images will go through our post-production process, where we fine tune your image.


Have a specific idea in mind? Let us make that a reality for you.

Types of Shots

Hero Shot


The main product displayed proudly on:-

a) A plain unobtrusive background,

b) A contemporary minimalist

 background or spot light style,

c) The same as above with added complimentary colours.,

Hero shots can also include many other elements, which would be classed under the following headings.

Lifestyle Shot


The main product in a relevant environment with or without associated items. These types of shots can also include models using the products.

Props, Associated Items 


Props or other peripherals or even

other products which can be used in

conjunction with the main product e.g.


make up and brushes or make up


case. It can also be used to portrait a


range of products.

Information Pages


Main product with descriptions,


specifications and even images of parts


of the product of special importance, the


page will also contain the company logo.

Add a logo or caption

Tanto-black-matt-and logo.jpg

Main product with a title and caption,


designed to be simple yet eye-catching.



Main product is used  together


with a number of other images


creatively, resulting in original


works of art. Ideally for invoking


emotions or telling a story.

Something Different


Main product but they also include


movement of effects, to enhance the


image and create a more dramatic



The Extra Touches we Offer

High End Retouching

High End Editing, goes far beyond removing of any dust, scratches or obvious flaws, it can completely change the image. 


High End Editing, looks at colour, contrast, brightness, exposure, edges, details, light, reflections, colour patching and looks at how the image can be made better from all dimensions of editing.

Changes a standard image into a hero shot. This is also used when your looking for a specific style which doesn't fall under the other photography categories. Examples would be smoothing out textures or making certain parts of an image pop. Anything which basically goes beyond removing dust, scratches and obvious flaws will be classed as high end retouching.

Image Stacking

Image stacking is where an images focus  is taken further by individual shots be taken of the same subject in the same position with different focus points, these images are then merged together, ensuring every single part of the product is sharp and completely in focus. Depth of field is the area which is considered to be in reasonable focus, certain objects which are long and shot length ways will require this option, or having focus drop off can also make for a dramatic image also; its a matter of creative choice.

Image Resizing

The native resolution produced will be 6000x4000 pixels. Images can be reduced to any size, or to any ratio.

Off Site Shoots

Would you prefer the shoot took place at your premises or an alternative location, this can be arranged. All such bookings must be confirmed prior to ordering to confirm availability and equipment required.



We will complete all processes associated with photographing your images and post-completion work but will provide you with an image with a blank background and surface, and your product cut out ready to be placed on any background or media you so wish.


Would you like additional elements or products in your shot i.e. a product for coffee with a cup as a prop.

Props should not be larger than the product, unless being used in the background.

For large props, please contact us prior to ordering at


Each prop is per image i.e. to go with 1 particular product, so please specify in the comment which image the prop(s) are to go with if ordering multiples. If you want props for numerous images please order for each product image separately.


Either party can provide the props, however if Photography4U are supplying them additional cost and time may be incurred if items need purchasing. If this is to be the case, please contact us prior to ordering on


Basic assembly i.e. 5 minutes is free.


Any assembly which takes longer will be charged at £20 per half hour.

Assembly time will need to be confirmed prior to ordering if more than 1 hours assembly is required. Please contact

Return Delivery

If you would like your products to be returned following completion of your images, we are more than happy to arrange this, or happy for you to arrange this. In either event this is at your own cost.


Please ensure suitable packaging is used sending your products to us, as we will be reusing this packaging to return your item(s). We will simply reseal and change the label on the package/box.


We will use the appropriate Royal Mail 1st Class Signed for or Parcelforce Worldwide express 48, all services will be signed for and contain a level of insurance for loss or damage.


Prices are per parcel not consignment.


Please select the most appropriate choice from the drop down. If this is heavy, bulky, expensive or fragile we recommend a dedicated service which has sufficient insurance be used and arranged by yourselves. This arrangement will need to be made in conjunction with ourselves.

How it Works

talking on phones
Place your Order 

Simply message us once you have decided what image(s) and style you would like and what if any extras i.e., props, enhanced retouching etc. we have a listed all prices on our site to be as transparent as possible. We ask that you contact us as we want to ensure you get what it is you want, and we don’t want to be a corporate entity but develop close working relationships with all our clients. Communication is essential for us.

Package Delivery
Send your Products


Once your booking has been confirmed you will be given an order reference, to quote when making payment by bank transfer. Then arrange for your product(s) to be posted to our studio. The product will then be prepared for the shoot, we then complete the shoot. Once the shoot is finished, the images will go through our post-production process.

Hands on Computer Keyboard
Download Images


Following completion of our post-production process, a link will be provided allowing instant download of your high quality images. We will now return your product in the original packaging if previously agreed. A typical transaction will take up to 7 working days from receipt of the product.