The sets are of a product, but shot and presented to show how a product will look in all the below type of galleries. There are more examples in the set galleries than listed below.


White Background

The white background is a classic and e-commerce standard. It allows the subject to be viewed without any background distractions.


Black Background

The Black background adds a level of drama to the image. It helps show off certain subjects, and is an effective choice.


A Touch of Colour

Focusing and enhancing a colour within an image makes for striking imagery. Even adding a colour to a background can completely alter an image and make a striking impression.


Something Different

Adding an additional level of action to your image, makes a very powerful statement. 


Props/Ancillary items

The main product together with props, peripherals, other items it will be sold or shipped with.



Showing the product in an environment which the product can be used. This enables the customer to see the product in a different perspective.



Composites, this is the process of taking a number of images and merging them to create something completely new and creative.


Information Pages

This is where you not only show the product, but also information. This can be description, specification, certifications and also highlight certain key features.

Tanto-black-matt-and logo.jpg

Logos and Writting

This is just to show you how you can incorporate your companies logo onto an image. Also how you can use titles and captions with the images.