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Mental Health Awareness - Just Keep Going

I was asked to help with photography and videography on a charity music track Just Keep Going. Although videography was not my usual activity, I agreed to help as others, had already let them down on the project. Just Keep Going is a Mental  Health Awareness track which is to provide financial funds to the Veterans of St. Helens (or much broader as they plan on expanding). As a stand alone track it seeks to offer in some way, emotional support to those people who are suffering mentally at the moment. The funds will provide much needed services for veterans, from food and shelter, to education and re-employment. 

The track was released world wide to over 150 digital stores in over 100 countries. There was a number of radio interviews which mentioned my service and the artwork was displayed on the St. Helens Star website and went out to all the local residents in their paper.

I did individual portrait shoots then completed two composites, which would be put together for the final artwork. For the video I took lyrics and the essence of the track and formulated a storyline, I then sat down with all the team and we came up with scenes and then we shot the video of a couple of days.

We need to remember all our rights and freedoms were not free, they are a result of wars and countless deaths of our brave servicemen.

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