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Why choose Photography4U for your Product Photography?

Photography4U offers a professional solution for product photography; either a standard product or one which has been tailored to your specific requirements.  Photography4U provides a variety of solutions from simple shots to more complex photo manipulation. As a small company we can offer extremely competitive prices and flexibility, whilst providing high resolution photographic solutions. Our Studio is based in Atherton, Greater Manchester.

Product Photography

Studio Shot - Crisp, Clean Images

Our Product photography Images are shot in a studio, typically against a white or black background. Every image is photographed with a background using special lighting techniques and lenses to get the best possible high resolution solution. Then the photographs go through a post production process where they are adjusted, retouched, exposure and colour enhanced, sharpened and improved to produce the best product shot possible at its best angle, 

Photographs can also include props or ancillary items.  We also offer a "something different" service allowing a more creative style.  We want you to to 100% satisfied with your images and proud to use them for your ecommerce or forms of marketing. 

We can also offer site visits - please contact us for further details.

Phone: 07942 692373


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A Few Examples of our Product Photography

We are unfortunately not trading

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